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Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
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Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
Medieval Ring with Demantoid Garnet
and Chrome Tourmaline, 18k Gold


testimonials for shakti carola navran

Evolutionary Astrology

Shakti has been a devoted student of mine for a long time and she has internalized the paradigms and methods of evolutionary astrology both intellectually and at a heart-level. I heartily recommend her work. Steven Forrest, Evolutionary Astrology teacher & author of The Inner Sky

Shakti has the key to unlocking the art and science of astrology, transmitting a deep wisdom and understanding. She spoke directly to the essence of different aspects of myself and tied them together. Deeply penetrating, clarifying, empowering. It lightened my spirit, heart and mind and re-oriented me back on my path more clearly. Lindsi Kleeman, massage therapist and yoga teacher

Thank you again for the incredible reading. I have looked at my chart for years and thought that I knew it fairly well. I was amazed at how you pulled it all together. The things you said rang so true, like a clear bell. I feel so proud of myself for utilizing the elements of my chart in such a positive way. I now understand the difficulties I have experienced. The validation you offered was so profound. Thank you for being such a beautiful guide. Much love and appreciation, Sharie Liden, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapist

Shakti Carola Navran's deep and insightful reading gave me perspective and helped me to make important decisions at a very critical time in my life. Will Scheffer, Los Angeles, Creator / Executive Producer of Big Love

I received an in-depth reading from Shakti. I'm really not oriented toward astrology by nature. But first, Shakti is a deeply caring and gentle person who easily senses people's nature and their needs. Second, she is a true wise woman. I was very surprised by my reading. I woke up the next day and felt very different about my life and my future possibilities. The reading was full of important insights about my true nature, what I need to be happy, and what is standing in my way. Shakti's insights helped me with things I had been struggling to understand for many years. Two in particular were life changing for me. Both related to my personal power-being out powered by others, wanting to take power myself but being unwilling or unready to do that. After my reading, I set new standards and started finding ways to restore the balance of power in my life. I have received other helpful guidance from Shakti since my first reading. She has surprised me each time with insights I was unable to find on my own. I worked with therapists for many years. It's not an exaggeration to say that I learned more from one reading with Shakti than in all my years of therapy. I'm still not an astrology type of person, but Shakti's wisdom and her kindness will affect you in deep ways no matter what you believe about astrology. Truth is truth no matter where it comes from.Melanie S., Maine

Bob and I really enjoyed our session with you last week! We are still riding on a beautiful love wave from the sparks of insight that it kindled within us. Thank you for all the care and effort you put into helping us understand our astro-relationship. You are an amazing, intelligent and compassionate astrologer! Thanks for delivering the star's messages with such clarity and kindness. We especially appreciated learning about our relationship's karmic purpose, our points of harmony and how we can have an even more enjoyable relationship. Even though we were looking forward to our session with you, I imagine that we had a slight concern that we might hear something that would make us feel bad. However, the effect was exactly the opposite! We felt very loving and optimistic about "us" and our purpose for coming together in this divinely created marriage. I know that these insights will help us deepen the love and goodness in our marriage forever. Thanks again for you providing us such an extraordinary, original, well-researched and super helpful session. You are providing a most valuable service that I will recommend highly to everyone I know. Yours in friendship, and Taurean sisterhood, - Suzy Bennitt, California

It was a great pleasure to have an astrology reading from Shakti. I have benefited from many readings from great astrologers over the years and Shakti's reading was brilliant, spot on, and extremely insightful. She also did a report for my son who said that it was powerful and transformative. Mark Sheehan, Maui, Realtor Broker

It would not be a lie to say that I know almost nothing about astrology, yet astrology seems to know everything about me! The advices you gave me about my challenges was spot on, and made to want to work with myself believing that I can overcome the fear I feel. I felt in my heart that you were right. I definitely ended up with a recovered belief in myself and in my future. Having somebody telling you that you are in the right place and that everything will be okay (if you do the work!) is very comforting and really lifted my spirit. Instead of being powerless, I now feel powerful. I somehow know myself better. I know what my themes are and I can actually challenge them. I absolutely feel very inspired from your reading, and who knows how my life is going to turn out, what matters about that reading is that I know my journey better and voicing and naming the themes for this life has been completely fantastic. I feel that I can help myself now that I understand myself better. It has has a great impact on my life having the reading with you, I feel a lot more hope a courage about everything. You should absolutely feel good about your work because it for sure does something to the person having the reading. Something they maybe never forget. Thank you for that. Sonja Aclon, London, actress

My astrology session with Shakti could not have come at a more perfect moment. Everything she shared made absolute sense. I was in a major life change, torn between two extremely different futures. This dichotomy represented two distinct parts of myself. One future seemed like the natural next step for a pioneering doctor whose mission is to help heal an ailing humanity, providing a way to end suffering on Earth: A Center for Advanced Healing, University with ongoing classes and trainings, and global outreach programs bringing TheQuest Rehabilitation Models to systems around the world. Noble, humanitarian, exhilarating and fulfilling, there was a distinct sacrificial side, fraught with huge responsibilities and activities that would have consumed my days. In that future, there would be little time for me, let alone for family, friends and a mate. Instead of exemplifying the Way of Life I was here to promote, a potentially over taxed existence lay before me.

While things seemed to be gearing up to lead me swiftly into this future, a quieter voice inside showed me a different future. I found that after many years of intensive work and sacrifice to prepare these offerings for humanity, I was longing for a simpler life... A wonderful home life with a mate surrounded by beautiful gardens, traveling to exotic locations we love to explore together, moving my trainings virtually, and playing fully in my creative suite, bringing forth transformational media to my heartís content Ė my passion.

As Shakti read my astrology, I was surprised to find it was the quieter voice that was calling me into the Highest Destiny Path. It was time to leave sacrificial aspects behind no matter how humanitarian and noble they were. A rich personal life that would allow me to be an example of my teachings was the far preferred path... A more fulfilling existence where healings, trainings, and multimedia productions would be ongoing, fulfilling both sides of myself. I came away from the session in absolute JOY, realizing that my heartís desire could be fulfilled in a Heaven on Earth type lifestyle that would be the crowning glory of my lifeís work... Showcasing a way back to Eden with tools to get there! Living it fully would be my greatest offering to an Awakening World. Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD ( #1 Bestselling Author, Creator of TheQuest, and Award Winning Author of the Earth 2012-33 Series, Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD is a pioneering doctor and healer in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Health.)

I like to begin each new year with a forecast and look at astrological shifts and movements to see what influences will cross my path. Having the guidance and insights of Shakti Carola Navran makes the query informative and fun. She has such a wealth of information and offers a depth of knowledge that really helps me understand the intricate layers of astrology. A session with Shakti combines the facts tied in with the main key to access one's growth, consciousness. I enjoy the laughter and learning from my visit with Shakti, and would recommend her skills to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of astrology. On that note, I'm going to listen to the session again! With light and aloha, Anne K., Maui, fashion designer

I've had a keen interest in astrology for many years, and because there is so much to explore, have found it less overwhelming to seek guidance from skilled professionals. A friend referred me to Shakti Carola Navran and I am so grateful that she did! I'm at a crossroads in my life right now, and Shakti's counsel gave me a great level of depth and clarity, as well as a new vantage point from which to view my circumstances. She has created a beautiful and welcoming environment for her clients, which really made me feel at ease and comfortable to discuss some of the more stressful aspects going on. Shakti is warm and offers information in a way that is easy to assimilate, and I feel like my visit with her was perfectly timed. I didn't know what "evolutionary astrology" was before meeting Shakti, but I left our session feeling empowered and better equipped to make my choices. With Light and Aloha, Kerry Anne, Maui

I'm just getting back to you with some heartfelt feedback. I ordered the Gemstone Profile which is written especially for my own birth chart. I loved reading about the the physical and metaphysical benefits of the powerful gemstones and how to harness the energies of the power gems to promote balance, harmony, creativity and spiritual growth. There is so much wisdom and depth of knowledge in describing the insights into the planetary gemstones. Thanks for creating the Gemstone Soul Profile and sharing your expertise and intuition. Best wishes, Alice S.

My astrological reading with Shakti was deep and life changing for me and how I understand myself. I have always had a strong knowing of who I am but her reading revealed why I am, like no other past reading has done. The most significant part of her reading for me (at least at this time), was her explanation of my karma in this life from a past life experience. This past life resonated so strongly with me I wept, and this information has helped me connect a lot of dots, from early childhood up to this present time. I am very grateful to Shakti and her gift that is helping me to heal, empower and be liberated. Kate Griffiths, Editor in Chief, The MauiMama ~ Hawaii

I am SO THANKFUL to have met Shakti! She brought such insight to my boyfriend & mine relationship. This reading has sparked many breakthroughs in myself & those around me. I gave a session as a gift to my mother in law & she could not believe how many things she hadn't seen before. I want to share this experience with everyone especially those close to me. Knowledge is power & I have never felt more in control of my own life as I do now. The knowledge Shakti shares is truly from the heart & her integrity & wisdom is such a gift which can enable all of us to live more freely with deeper joy in our lives. I have experienced this first hand & think everyone deserves that. Thank you for your Light & Love! Adria Marin, Maui

I was on a vacation in Maui and felt compelled to find an energy healer or astrologist while I was there. I don't really believe in accidents, so when I stumbled upon Shakti's website I just knew I had to go see her. And I was so glad I did! Shakti is a warm, fun loving spirit and her knowledge of astrology is truly amazing. She was able to give me a different perspective on my past and new guidance for the present and the future. It was phenomenal. I continue to work with the information that Shakti offered up several months ago and I just can't tell you enough about how much her guidance has impacted me. It has helped me to focus and dig deeper into this intersection in my life, and go forward with confidence and enthusiasm. I highly recommend that you invest in her services. Shakti does not disappoint! Wendy Robson

Thank you so very much for the rich perspective you offered me to better understand my life. It was a lot to receive and it took me a couple days to begin to realize the profound wisdom of your interpretation, and there is a lot for me to reflect upon and integrate. J.B. Maui

Having an astrological reading with Shakti was a very nurturing way to honor myself. Shakti is tender and wise and throughout the reading I felt so supported. Through this reading I can clearly see why the choices I make are for my life's purpose! Diane Favia, Teacher, Maui

I was pleased to have chosen Shakti to review my chart and give me an update. Her perspective rang true for me in many ways. Her insights really inspired me in a creative sense, and creative inspiration is one of the highlights of my life. Mahalo Shakti for sharing your heartfelt wisdom with me! Cherie Attix, Maui, Realtor and owner of "Historic Hospitality"

My astrological reading from Shakti really had, and is continuing to have, an impact on my life. I am so blessed to have gotten some insight as to why I do something the way I do. It's a relief to know that I'm okay and it's much easier to love myself right where I am at. She explains things in a very simple and complete manner. I would recommend a reading from her for peace of mind! Cindy Nemeth, Maui, massage therapist

Many thanks, Shakti is a genuinely grounded and at the same time open-minded individual. She has great insights and experience in regards to evolutionary astrology. She explains things with passion and is sensitive as she gives structures to a reading. You can tell she understands the astrological tool, giving you a higher and deeper perspective into your own reality and how to move with it. What can I say! GREAT! I love every word and genuinely appreciated your insights to help me on my lifes path! Bibi Devoy, Tokyo, author of Aristotle's Journey into Happiness/Yoga for children and the young at heart,

The reading I got from Shakti leaves me impressed. I am pretty familiar with astrology and her approach with her evolutionary astrology added another layer to my understanding of my chart: how much did I learn in my life so far and what is still needed. Her clear, compassionate way of looking into my chart has made me feel seen and helped me to focus on my next steps. She was able to describe the challenges I faced in this life and showed me a way to use what I learned. Her enthusiasm for her work is a real push and inspiration for me to live life enthusiastically as well. After the session we did on Skype Shakti uploaded the sound file and sent it to me. Now I can hear it again and even find new aspects I didn't understand at first. Thank you again. Aseem Wieder, Thailand

I had a wonderful reading from Shakti...her personal wisdom and knowledge of Astrology gave me a clear picture of my strengths and challenges, which helped me navigate through the upcoming changes in my life with more ease. I highly recommend Shakti as an Astrologer! Rona Smith - Innovative educator, Soul Collage Facilitator and Artist

I had an evolutionary reading with you last full moon. I just wanted to thank you sooo much for it. It helped kick start a process of putting some of my fears to rest, by understanding that they are connected to matters of a past life and that that life is over with. Thank you for letting me know in which direction i need to move forward on a personal level in this life time. This reading happened at the right time as i am going through a process of deep re-evaluation and discovery. Thank you so much! Maria Berkova - artist and singer

Out of all the astrologers I have had readings with, Shakti provides more detailed information and intuitive guidance than anyone else. Her perception and understanding of astrology is evident and the way she brings the story of your life through the placement of the stars into perspective is easy to understand and a definite gift. Thank you for helping me to understand all the shifts going on now and in the future and how it will all benefit me. Melinda Lee - Medical Intuitive Healer, Theta Healer Trainer & Practitioner, Founder & CEO of

Stunning! is all I can say regarding my evolutionary reading with Shakti a few days ago. Shakti's mastery of astrological knowledge, coupled with her intuitive ability related to the essence of my soul "issues" would have been impressive enough. However, she went even deeper, making suggestions for books and daily practices that would help with my integration and progression. A reading with Shakti is fun, informative, and definitely transformative! You will not be disappointed. Joanna Farina - Psychologist

My astrological consultation with Shakti was deep. It was comprehensive. It moved me to a new level of truth about myself and my life. It was truly the best astrological reading I've ever had. Jane Hale, Whole Body Therapies, Traverse City, MI

Thank you so much for your time. I enjoyed my reading with you. My reading with you helped me to understand myself and gave me insight about my future. Now I'm able to make better decisions because of the information you've given me. Everything makes sense and you were right on the spot about everything, it was a wonderful experience, especially it being my first reading. I hope to see you in the future for another reading and you've been wonderful. I appreciate the enlightenment. Warm regards and blessings Sheila C, Maui

I like to begin each new year with a look at astrological shifts and movements to see what influences will cross my path. Having the guidance and insights of astrologer Shakti Carola Navran makes the query informative and fun. She has such a wealth of information and offers a depth of knowledge that really helps me understand the intricate layers of astrology. A session with Shakti combines the facts tied in with the main key to access one's growth, consciousness. I enjoy the laughter and learning from my visit with Shakti, and would recommend her skills to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of astrology. On that note, I'm going to listen to the session again! With light and aloha K. A, Maui


braceletDear Shakti! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart fort his very special ring! I slipped it on my finger and it felt like it always was there. It's a quiet ring, deep, dark in a positive way, the bamboo design anchors the stone. Unpretending, it reveals its beauty on the second look (for outsiders, not for me!). The stone changes with the light very lively, do I see a hint of gold through the stone from the setting?

I look at my hands now and I truly love the twin fold magic, the double opal on my middle finger. It is a ring that makes me instantly happy and upbeat, positive, strong and bold. I know I would be devastated loosing it. And I look on my left hand and my "new" ring just somehow always belonged to me. Just like saying, "Ah, there you are, where have you been all that time."

braceletI feel so fortunate to have met you through your jewelry. I looked for years to find someone with such craftsmanship, eye for balance and simplicity in how to set and let a stone live. You and Will are true masters. And then the combination with astrology! Heavenly! I am working on some of the advices and little hints you gave me while we met. Meeting you in person gave me some guidance and a push into a new? old? direction.I am thankful for it.

I was very encouraged that my instinctive choice for the stone was confirmed to be beneficial for my journey in life by your reading of my chart ... and your book is wonderful, I learn and learn. Fondly with all the best wishes and love, Eva Juengling (Australia)

testimonialWhen I saw one of Shakti’s ring designs, called 'Waves' with two sparkling diamonds, I was very taken by it. Shakti made this ring using an old technique called repousse. It just gave the ring something very unusual and attractive. I am originally from Austria and the composition, clarity of line and craftsmanship of Shakti's jewelry really appeals to me. She also made for me one of her trademark spiral clasps for a tourmaline necklace I already had. It looks fabulous now and I can even use the spiral for other necklaces as well. I love to wear the clasp a little to the side in the front so everybody can see it. Elisabeth Bluml, Maui

"Out of the Hawaiian tradition of wearing family-themed, commemorative bracelets, I thought of a bracelet. I worked with Shakti to design it, and she made a true work of art that has become a part of me."

braceletShakti's jewelry for me has been an adventure in learning about wealth, beauty and abundance. The first ring I got was small, and I was scared to spend that much money on myself, with a growing family and so many responsibilities. I told myself I would only do it if the money came from an unexpected source and did not take anything away from my family's needs. Toby Neal, Maui

"Sure enough, the money came: in gifts, in odd jobs, in unexpected tax windfalls."

braceletIt all started when Greg and I were looking for wedding bands and looked at all the jewelry on Maui. Shakti’s jewelry uniquely spoke to us, and she did our charts to see what stones would be most beneficial. I love the personal way she co-created the jewelry with us, letting us pick the stones to match our relationship and personal self-expression. I loved my wedding ring so much I went back to get a pair of earrings. I was challenged by the value of the piece, and I struggled with being able to afford such a lavish accessory for myself, but went ahead with the earrings and have enjoyed the sense of richness they give me when I wear them. My mother died, and instead of spending all my inheritance on bills, I wanted something to remember our troubled relationship in a positive way. Sharie Liden, Lanai

earringsIt is completely one of a kind, a magnificent cuff studded with precious gems wrapped in spirals, and I never tire of looking at it, and wear it every day. Every piece since has a special significance and has matched a process in my life: a move to another island, becoming a parent, learning to have courage and confidence in my professional roles, trusting my intuition and creativity, becoming a homeowner. The stones themselves seem to work as guides, supporting and demanding expression. Each piece has been about investing in art, beauty and personal growth.