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Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
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Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
True Heart
1.62 ct. Rubellite Tourmaline with
12pt. Diamonds, 18k Yellow Gold


The Metaphysical Properties of Lapis Lazuli: One of the True Birthstones for Sagittarius (November 23 - December 20)

Sagittarius: The Adventurer Searching for Deeper Meaning in Life
Sagittarius is a masculine fire sign ruled by Jupiter. It rules the 9th House, the Higher Mind & the Search for Meaning. Jupiter is associated with long-distance travel, both physically and through expansion of our mind, spirit, and how we live a meaningful life. This influence of Jupiter is seen in Sagittarians’ love of world travel as well as religion, politics, and philosophy.

Sagittarians are Well Liked People
It’s hard not to like Sagittarians, for their openness, generosity, and sociable nature. They are deep thinkers in search of universal wisdom, attracting them to philosophy and religion. Their minds can grasp both the details and the bigger picture: they can think with intellectual precision but also intuitively. That unusual combination of thinking skills allows them to be at the forefront of creative ideas.

They are idealistic and care about the state of the world, leading them to take up vocations in medicine, education, religion, and politics. They need to be highly independent in their work and in their personal lives. They love to travel to widen their horizon and they are fascinated by other cultures.

Sagittarians are blessed to live active, successful lives.
Everything about them is expansive: their outgoing personalities, good fortune, sense of humor, optimism, leadership qualities, sense of adventure, and constant quest for knowledge. They love their freedom and independence. They are the ultimate high-energy free spirits—a true fire sign. They easily inspire and motivate others.

The main challenge for Sagittarians is to focus on their most important goals and passions among all that attracts their interest, and channel their boundless energy in those well-defined directions. They also need to apply their need for freedom in a way that allows them to achieve their goals. In other words, Sagittarians can benefit from a dose of self-discipline and focus, especially in their relationships, career, and finances.

How Gemstones Can Enhance Your Sagittarius Experience
Gemstones are the perfect way for Sagittarians to bring focus and balance into their lives.
Gemstones have both physical and metaphysical qualities that can enhance all aspects of your well-being. The perfectly aligned crystal structure of gemstones creates an energy field that interacts with our own when you hold it or wear it on your body. In this way, the gemstone can be used to calm you, bring you mental clarity, increase your energy, enhance your creativity, and much more.

Astrology and Healing Gemstones
Astrological principles manifest at all levels of creation, from the largest bodies in the cosmos to the tiniest particles of atoms—all are part of the same network of universal energy. Based on the hermetic principle “As above, so below,” those universal principles allow us to read relations among the planets and extrapolate those principles to things here on Earth, to events in our lives, as well as to our natural environment. The universal principles that govern the planets are also seen on the much smaller level of gemstones, crystals, and metals.

The Signature of Gemstones
Each gemstone is associated with specific planets. You are already aware that each planet has its own personality in astrology. And each gemstone has a personal “signature”—specific metaphysical qualities, different for each stone, that arise from the stone’s association with its planets based on their individual color, crystal structure as well as the chemical composition. In this article we will talk about one of the true birthstones for Sagittarians which is Lapis Lazuli. You can find more articles on true birthstones in my birthstone series for the other astrological signs of the zodiac on my website or on Articlesbase.

How to Make Gemstones Work for You
By considering the individual signature of gemstones, you can select the right gems for very specific purposes, according to their astrological qualities. All Gemstones can be used in three different ways:

As you can tell I am very passionate about healing gems and all the different applications of those enchanting allies to raise your frequency for balance and more joy. I have written a book about my over 30 years experience in the field of healing gemstones, meaningful jewelry and astrology.

You can learn more about the metaphysical properties of 67 different gemstones through my book Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eyes & Strengthen the Soul teach you about astrology and how to read the blue print of your own chart. If you know where your challenges are, you can then take steps to support or balance yourself with your 12 personal healing gemstones. Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery is a treasure chest of ideas about Soul Jewelry; on how to select, purchase, and wear jewelry that will enhance your body, heart, mind, and soul.

Sagittarian Lapis Lazuli: A Gemstone for Focus and Peace of Mind 1
"Lapis Lazuli is one of the true gemstones of Sagittarius. It is composed of different minerals and therefore some gem experts consider it to not be a mineral, but a rock with Lazurite as its main ingredient. This opaque blue stone is not very hard—its Mohs’ hardness is only 5 to 6, making it easy to carve and cut. For that reason it has been used in jewelry since ancient times. In Egypt it was considered a sacred stone and was used in jewelry and sacred objects like scarabs. To me the most beautiful Lapis is dark blue with spots of golden pyrite, which makes it a very unique-looking specimen. Lapis should be set in gold.

The best and darkest quality Lapis Lazuli is found in Afghanistan. Deposits in Chile and Russia yield lighter blue stones with whitish or grayish veins. Lapis brings us peace of mind. In a relaxed state of mind we develop a realistic and compassionate acceptance of things as they are. While most blue gemstones used in jewelry are translucent, Lapis is opaque, a quality that helps us achieve a concrete problem-solving orientation, supporting a very practical mind that focuses on the task at hand and deals with it, rather than being distracted by extraneous worries."

I wish you a very enchanted journey into the mysterious world of healing gemstones and looking at them in a new way! If you enjoyed this article and my perspective on things, I like to invite you to also visit my Astrological Signs Weather Report & Healing Gems Blog where I discuss the actual, universal, astrological forces and the special powers of gemstones and inspire you to use them wisely for a more successful and joyful life.

I hope you enjoyed this article, aloha and many blessings,

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran

1 Adapted from Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones That Delight the Eye & Strengthen the Soul © 2008 by Shakti Carola Navran. Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989. All rights reserved, used by permission of the publisher.