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Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
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Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
True Heart
1.62 ct. Rubellite Tourmaline with
12pt. Diamonds, 18k Yellow Gold


You are Indispensible to the Universe!

The most basic governing principles of the entire universe—and certainly of astrology—are that everything consists of energy and that it is all interconnected. From the tiniest subatomic particle to the largest star systems, all of the matter and energy in the universe belongs to one immense web of existence.

Every Part of that Web is Essential to the Whole
You could compare the universe to an ecosystem on earth: if you add or subtract a plant or animal, such as by altering the climate, eventually the entire ecosystem is affected. Or think of an atom: remove just one infinitesimal proton from an atom, and you have an entirely different substance. If hydrogen were changed to helium, the entire known universe would be profoundly changed. Everything is held in a delicate and exquisitely beautiful balance.

The principle of interrelatedness means that although you are only one of billions upon billions of energy beings in the universe, you are far from insignificant! The universe cannot do without you! If you were not here tomorrow, the echoes of your absence would reverberate out across the universe.

Those closest to you would suffer your loss immediately. Your loved ones, coworkers, and the people you serve in your work are connected to dozens of other people, and they are in turn connected to hundreds, to thousands of others. This is not to mention your relationship to animals, to the natural environment, and so on.

Never Doubt Your Significance
If you doubt your importance, please stop reading this right now and make a list of 10 Ways I Impact the World. I guarantee you, you won’t want to stop at 10 ways and you will easily list 50 and even 100 ways that you impact the world. And then imagine all the repercussions of each way that you impact the world—all the ripples that are sent throughout the world because you are loving, caring, competent, devoted, or skilled.

Because you are here in this world, you have a chance to send out waves of joy, love, and comfort that will be transmitted from one place to another way beyond your imagination. Because you are indispensable, it’s important that you make your mark on the universe by living a life that is rich and fulfilling, and that brings something of value to the world.

Giving and Receiving
That is your role as a Giver. But you are also meant to be a Receiver. Looking at the incredible world that has been given to you as your Earthly home, it’s clear that you are meant to partake in all the beauty and abundance in the world and to live a life based in joy and love and success.

That’s where the art and science of astrology comes in! The purpose of astrology is to help you gain a deep understanding of the workings of the world and your place in it—just where you are situated in this vast universal web of existence, how you relate to things as small as insects and as large as the planets, what unique role you are called to fulfill with your skills and talents, and how to maximize your success and happiness.

Astrology calls you to a path of learning and perfection. As you embark on that journey of discovery, you will soon feel that it fulfills the longing of your heart and soul for peace, wisdom, inspiration, and right action. So step up to the plate and take up your indispensable place in the universe! Never doubt for a second that you are a vital part of all that exists.

This article was written as the first entry for my astrological blog! If you enjoyed this inspirational post and my astrological musings, I invite you to visit my Astrological Signs Weather Report & Healing Gems Blog where I discuss the universal, astrological forces and ways to balance yourself with the help of  healing gems and inspire you to apply your insights for a more successful and joyful life.

Aloha and many blessings

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
Shakti Carola Navran: Astrologer, Jeweler, and Author