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Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
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Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
True Heart
1.62 ct. Rubellite Tourmaline with
12pt. Diamonds, 18k Yellow Gold


Keep Hope Alive With Astrology

All humans share the same basic psychological needs. The first ones that come to mind are safety, love, making a contribution, and last but not least, HOPE. 

First and foremost, we are driven by our powerful survival instinct. We all need to feel safe in the world before we can focus on any other needs. Our survival depends initially on the bond of love between infants and their caregivers, and thus we are eternally engaged in a search for love to feed our soul and bring satisfaction and meaning to our lives.

Once our survival needs are met and we grow into adults, most people feel a need to make a contribution to the world, to bring value to their community and friends. Our contribution is a legacy that says that our lives have mattered, that we have left our mark on the world and made it a better place. The happiest people I know are those who find significant ways to make a heartfelt contribution through their work, volunteer activities, and relationships. Notice how abundant and valuable you feel whenever you give of yourself.

What About Hope?
There is much despair in the world. It seems to be part and parcel of the human condition. Most likely you have experienced despair yourself, at a time when it felt like you could not control your fate. Did you notice how your despair robbed you of the energy you needed in order to get beyond the situation you were in?

For our spiritual growth, we must absolutely face and resolve challenge after challenge in this life. This is really the only way to get the spiritual depth and strength that we need. But how do you keep going when it feels like you’re just not strong enough to take another step?

Hope is an intangible quality, and yet it is crucial for us in hard times. When hope is lost, people become spiritually deenergized and stop taking the actions that will lead to the better outcome they seek. If, on the other hand, you are able to hold onto hope even when it seems like there is no possibility of resolving your situation—no rational reason for hope—you will be able to maintain the level of energy and determination that will allow you to prevail ultimately.

Astrology and Hope
Astrology can be one of your most powerful tools for holding onto hope. In times of despair and confusion, when you cannot see any possible way forward, astrology can provide you with the insights you need to understand your situation and make effective choices to move forward. When you are aware of the forces, both internal and external, that are impacting your life, you are empowered to make the right action choices. Hope plus awareness and conscious choice is a powerful equation for solving problems!

Make Sure You Use Astrology the Right Way
Some people use astrology to justify their problems and avoid taking action: “I’m in a dark Pluto transit right now. That’s why everything is going wrong. I just have to wait until this transit is over.”

That’s not a very hopeful approach. A better approach is to use your understanding of astrology to turn your situation around.

Pluto can be a dark force, associated with death. But all dark elements are accompanied by the other side of the coin, which in Pluto’s case means transformation, rebirth, rising from the ashes, and regeneration. From death comes life, in one continuous cycle.

So the first step, if you’re in a Pluto transit, is to find out about the transit: How long will it last? Which planets, signs, and houses are involved in your personal horoscope? Armed with that information, and with your understanding of the two faces of Pluto—dark and light—you will be equipped to consider your situation in a new light and generate possible solutions. Instead of ruminating about Pluto’s dark side, you can choose to align your thoughts and actions with Pluto’s highest potential, for change. The message of your transit could very well be that you are in need of transformation.

If you adopt that attitude toward your situation and its astrological meaning, you will immediately feel a resurgence of hope and you will realize that in fact the world, expressed in the movement of the planets, is on your side and conspiring for your success.

Even if in your specific situation Pluto is associated with death or some other type of radical ending, if you allow yourself to flow with that inevitability, you will be able to move into the next phase of regeneration that always follows all endings. One door closes and another opens. We have a natural resistance to negative life events, but our lives need to be continually renewed on higher planes and often that happens through painful endings. You can take control of that process by choosing the direction of your transformation. If you are able to let go of what has been binding you to the past, you will be open to connecting with the better life experiences you seek.

The Astrological Angle
In our dark times we lose our usual anchors and feel lost. Often clients ask me for an astrological reading when they are in a hard planetary transit. Invariably, when they get an understanding of how the transit is affecting them at that moment, they are visibly relieved. Once they understand the astrological meaning of their situation, they are able to look at it in a new way. So you see, the first step may be to look at your situation from a new angle, and then new solutions will become apparent.

Open the Door of Your Soul and Let in the Light of Hope
Loss of hope happens when we can’t see a way forward, lose control of our lives to other people or forces, and have no tools or strategies to apply to our situation. How well you resolve the situation depends very much on how you manage your thinking, your feelings, and your decisions. The insights of astrology are an anchor of wisdom that will bring you great hope in the dark nights of your soul. When there is hope, everything is possible. Astrology will open the door of your soul and let in the light of hope. With that clarity of mind and a lighter heart you will soon find yourself taking successful actions to move out of your darkness and toward a place of happiness and success.

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Aloha and many blessings,

Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery by Shakti Carola Navran
Shakti Carola Navran: Astrologer, Jeweler, and Author